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Communication with Stakeholders

The Brazilian Federal Transportation Agency – DNIT that manages the highway in our study area is a partner in the Project since 2021. The results that we will obtain with Artificial Canopy bridges and other studies carried our from this Project will encourage and guide the adoption of canopy bridge implementation in several other highways. The Reconecta Project can grow in scale in the Amazon region or other forested biomes and benefit many other arboreal species.

In 2023 we receive institutional support from IBAMA (Brazilian Federal Environmental Agency). While this support will not be financial, but it means that we have official buy-in from one more Brazilian federal agency. IBAMA is also interested in our results with the prospect of scale-up of canopy bridges once we have guidelines to share. IBAMA recognizes the importance of canopy bridges to biodiversity conservation and communicate their plans to recommend that these bridges be installed on other highways in the Amazon in the coming years.