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Roadkill Monitoring

The roadkill monitoring carried out by the Reconecta Project is one of the first initiatives to record in a systematic way the wildlife road mortality in the Amazon biome. Monthly assessments are carried out on foot and by car along 375 km of BR-174, between the municipalities of Presidente Figueiredo (Amazonas state) and Rorainópolis (Roraima state).

This road section is covered six days a month, recording all roadkill animals found and collecting various information, including biological samples. Per month, we sample 2,250 km by car and 48 km by foot.

The average number of roadkilled animals in this section is 20 individuals/day. More than 2,500 dead individuals of 230 different species have been recorded in 20 monitoring assessments.

Carcass Removal Experiment
During the monitoring of road mortality, we carry out carcass removal experiments to assess how long the carcasses are completely removed from the road. This will improve our estimates of roadkill in the studied highway, as what we register is a subsample of the real number of roadkill animals.