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Benefited fauna
Arboreal Mammals

The Amazon, the largest tropical forest on the planet, is home to at least 109 primate species (every year, the number increases with new discoveries), which represents 16% of global diversity. It is disturbing to know that approximately 40% of primate species in Brazil are facing extinction, with primary threats including the impacts of linear infrastructures such as roads.

For the Reconecta Project, we designed the Artificial Canopy Bridges to favor the movement of arboreal animals over the highway, aiming to Reconnect the Amazon Forest at the canopy level to increase structural and functional connectivity and reduce deaths from road mortality.
Many arboreal mammal species are already benefited from the Reconecta Project in our study area, and our main objective is for the Project to grow and be scaled to other areas of the Amazon and other forested biomes in Brazil.
Get to know some arboreal species in our study area!